If necessity is the mother of invention – could war be the mother of ingenuity?

Jenga check

You’d think so as you travel slowly around Tripoli just now. Slowly because of checkpoints every hundred yards or less.

And with a checkpoint comes the human touch, creativity, flair even, style and the ingenuity of armed revolution.

Hi-Vis Check

Close to our hotel, admire if you will Jenga Check with its delicately interlocked breeze blocks – proud owners with their AK’s occasionally adjusting matters.

Or perhaps Hi-Viz Check floats your boat with it mannequin sure to flag you down on the dark of a night-time power cut.

Nodding its head in acknowledgement to the visiting TV crews there’s Satdish Check – then again if it’s war-reality you need then go via Burned Out Car Check near the Radisson Hotel.

Sat Dish Check

All is not so creative I have to report in the interest of balance. Who are the idle outfit who thought Lamppost Check would impress? I note it was never manned – they live with their shame.

Not so the lads on Bunting Check. OK it’s not quite Henley Regatta but fair play for trying.

Personally I felt Water Tank Check won through for satirical

comment in a city without any water, whilst Wooden Table Check points to more peaceful but let’s face it duller times when the bureaucrats have replaced the revolutionaries.

Water Container Check

And all these checkpoints have a wild array of fighters in any combat-combo you could mention. Eat your heart out Gok Wan.

Speaking of dear old Gok – he’d be at home with the lad on the checkpoint outside the notorious Rixos Hotel. Camp isn’t the word!