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October 23, 2014 4 Comments

Can a new plan ease fears over the struggling NHS?

There are those who believe, most passionately, that the NHS is being privatised by stealth and that its privatisation is part of a grand plan by the Tories, worked out in secret around various Notting Hill dinner tables.

Equally there are those who think private companies are being given too much access to the NHS and that, while patients will still not have to pay, the inevitable consequence of letting those companies in is that some services will fall by the way side.

Then, I suppose, there is a third group who believe that the NHS will struggle on regardless and that its status as the nearest thing to we have to religion will ensure the politicians do the best by it.


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October 22, 2014 8 Comments

US warns against womb surgery tool – why is it still in use here?

Doctors have said that a power tool called a morcellator, used to remove fibroids in the womb, may actually be putting women’s lives at risk by increasing the risk of a rare cancer.

October 13, 2014 10 Comments

‘We’ve been carrying the NHS and now this’

The NHS is facing its worst financial crisis in a decade and any extra demands would require finding savings from elsewhere. Many managers are saying those “elsewheres” do not

October 6, 2014 3 Comments

First British womb transplant ‘by spring’

It was the first live birth from a womb transplant – baby Vincent had been born from a womb donated by a 61-year-old friend of the new mother. But when will such transplants come to

October 2, 2014 5 Comments

GP recruitment crisis: a chronic problem in search of a cure

Relentlessly criticised, blamed for the A&E crisis, asked to work longer hours: being a GP just does not have the allure that it once did.

October 1, 2014 3 Comments

Tories and Labour failing to deal with NHS funding shortfall

While there is a belief in some quarters that there is still room for efficiencies to be made, if you talk to NHS managers many will say they have sliced and diced as much as they dare.

September 24, 2014 4 Comments

Labour’s health policy: eight months to fill in the blanks

Although this was not quite 24 hours to save the NHS, certainly rescuing it from David Cameron was the theme. And how is he going to do this? Integration. Not terribly catchy.

September 23, 2014 1 Comment

Time to start talking about the NHS?

The NHS is not always a big election issue. But – fuelled by winter A&E crises – it look set to be high up there with the economy in next year’s general election.

September 4, 2014 5 Comments

Would targeting affluent OAPs save the NHS?

The rich and middle-aged should be taxed more to pay for the NHS and social care, a new report suggests.

August 22, 2014 4 Comments

Why sorry can be the hardest word for doctors

There are many doctors who would gladly have apologised when a mistake has been made but who will have been told by their management or their lawyers that they should do no such thing.

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