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September 12, 2016 9 Comments

Parliament is falling down: what goes on inside needs repair too

If God exists, then according to our unwritten constitution, a good bit of him knocks around the Palace of Westminster.


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September 1, 2016 22 Comments

Our permissive friendship with Wahhabism

Will Theresa May maintain Britain’s friendship with Saudi Arabia while its brand of radical Islam continues to be exported to other countries?

August 6, 2016 6 Comments

Sir Philip Green and the unwilling paparazzi

Strange. You are an off-duty journalist, taking a summer break in Greece. Suddenly the most ‘wanted’ subject in business reporting pitches up in a vast super yacht at the mouth of the very bay

July 21, 2016 10 Comments

View from America: can the rude outsider win?

Flat. That’s not a word you often hear of a Convention. But Donald Trump’s four day Trumpethon has achieved it. The Cleveland arena ,which is capable of holding twenty thousand

June 24, 2016 92 Comments

A confession

For many this WAS a vote about Europe, but for as many it was a vote about dispossession amid constant images of largesse and greed.

June 7, 2016 12 Comments

Register to vote now in the EU referendum. This is it.

No vote in modern British history has been more important than the vote as to whether to leave or remain in the European Union.

May 5, 2016 13 Comments

Politicians on phones in parliament – a turn off?

Would doctors or nurses in the NHS have been able to get away with playing with their phones while seeing patients?

April 14, 2016 30 Comments

Accountability and the empty chair – Yes Minister, we want you!

We keep asking, but when the constant refrain of Government Department press officers is “no Minister available”, how can we hold those in power to account for their actions?

March 23, 2016 11 Comments

Saudi mosque, exports, oil and the West

The Great Mosque of Brussels is said to remain a centre of Saudi-funded Wahhabi preaching and Salafism.

January 26, 2016 39 Comments

The agony of Sri Lanka’s carapace of peace

Our return to Sri Lanka’s killing fields coincides with the President announcing that there will be no “international component” in any “investigation” of the civil war or

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