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July 24, 2014 No Comments

In Arabic: Gaza’s ‘birthplace of saints and death-yard of angels’

غزة مكان ولادة القديسين وساحة موت الملائكة


لا أستطيع ان اقتلع صورة نعمة من ذهني، نعمة التي لا تبلغ من العمر الا سنتين . فجمجمتها وانفها المكسوران، اورثاها تقيحات كبيره بحجم عيني الباندا، مما اغلق عينيها الصغيرتين على نحو فعال.

فمنذ أن اصيبت خلال قصف مدفعي اسرائيلي قبل خمسة أيام، لم تنطق بكلمة واحدة وتبدو كأنها بكماء دون ان ندري إذ كان ذلك سيكون مؤقتا ام الى الابد .

اما نور الدين فقد اصيب بشظية صاروخ اطلق من طائرة اف 16 حينما كان يلعب في شارع مزدحم . ففي ذلك الانفجار جرح اكثر من 45 شخصا وقتل اثنين، معظمهم من الاطفال.

وأخيرا، وللحظة واحدة ، مها التي تهشم ظهرها وترضرض وجهها،  قد ذبلت تحت خرقة غطاء بسيط ، فأوساخ الشارع لا تزال متشبثة بقدميها. انها (more…)

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Gaza’s ‘Birthplace of saints and death-yard of angels’

I can’t get her out of my mind. Two year old Nema. Her broken skull and fractured nose have imposed two vast round suppurating panda sized blobs effectively closing her tiny eyes.

July 23, 2014 45 Comments

Gaza: is this a war on children?

Jon Snow presents Channel 4 News live from Gaza, with reports from Jonathan Miller and an interview with UN human rights chief Navi Pillay, who says Israel may have committed war crimes.

Gaza conflict: is it too late for negotiated peace?

Have I awoken to a swarm of bees in my lightless hotel room? The electricity is off, again. The bees are drones, devised in America, manufactured in Israel, overhead in Gaza at all times in this

July 22, 2014 600 Comments

Inside Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital

Al-Shifa Hospital, the main medical facility in Gaza, has opened its doors for thousands of Palestinians fleeing an ongoing Israeli shelling of eastern Gaza City.

July 21, 2014 38 Comments

Gaza conflict: in transit to war

“Welcome to Israel. We wish you a pleasant stay. If this is not your final destination, we wish you a pleasant onward journey.” Can the British Airways captain be referring to Gaza?

July 9, 2014 13 Comments

Child abuse, cover-ups and public schools

The NSPCC has finally said that turning a blind eye to child abuse should be a criminal offence – and they are right to include public schools.

July 1, 2014 15 Comments

How Savile and Harris must have haunted their victims

I have already described how I was abused as a child – but my abuser did not haunt me because, unlike Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris, he was not constantly in the public eye.

June 23, 2014 8 Comments

Felix Dennis – symbol of a revolution

Poet, rebel, publisher extraordinaire and as generous as he was rich – Felix Dennis was the symbol of an era.

June 17, 2014 10 Comments

At last, Washington’s poodle asserts itself on Iran

Britain must make up its own independent mind as to how to behave towards Tehran, now that a thaw in UK-Iran relations is underway.

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