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October 15, 2015 1 Comment

Fifa latest: a bluffer’s guide

Going to the pub tonight?

Impress your drinking buddies with the Channel 4 News bluffer’s guide to what happened in the world of Uefa/Fifa today.


The politics behind Uefa’s position are fiendishly complicated.

For all the tough talk before today’s meeting, European FA’s won’t abandon Platini in the absence of a killer blow, or before due process is complete.

Uefa won’t ask for a postponement to Fifa’s presidential election on Feb 26th because Platini maintains he will be cleared.

Realistically Platini’s case is likely to end up with CAS – the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Understandably Uefa wants that to happen quickly. But it might not.

Assuming he is eventually cleared, it may not leave him much time to campaign for the big prize: the Fifa presidency.

He’s currently banned for 90 days, and the Fifa Ethics Committee could yet decide to extend that if they need more time.

Meanwhile behind the scenes, Uefa are mulling putting forward another candidate – not necessarily European.

So – maybe Platini’s friends in Fifa will come to his rescue and do what Uefa can’t – by calling for that potentially crucial election to be delayed.

Or has Platini already burnt that bridge by undermining Blatter?

And now the big names in Asian football are also thinking about throwing their hats in the ring.

Which might explain why current front runner Prince Ali says the election should go ahead as planned. He wants to consolidate his position as the “clean” alternative.

So there you have it.

Back to your beers it is then.

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