David Cameron said this morning that he might well “agenda” the idea of future contacts between government and newspaper proprieters being published. It was part of his attempt to say he would truly end the too cosy relationship between newspapers and politicians.

It’s been notoriously difficult to get any confirmation of meetings or contacts between Prime Ministers and other senior government ministers with Rupert Murdoch and others. So in the spirit of the new dispensation, here’s what happened after the Prime Minister’s press conference when he said the PCC was being done in. I believe both the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph rang in at the highest level to express their concern that David Cameron was blundering towards state regulation of an industry that must be left free.

What I’d love to know about are the calls that then went back from George Osborne to the two Tory-supporting newspapers. No doubt they stuck strictly to the line that David Cameron is fearlessly tearing down the old regime…