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13 Jun 12 2 Comments

Where does the Hunt row leave the coalition?

Could the Lib Dem stance on Jeremy Hunt threaten cross-party cooperation when it comes to reform of the House of Lords?

25 Nov 09 2 Comments

Darling: Lloyds’ directors knew about secret loans

The Chancellor’s statement to the Commons has calmed down the secret bank loans story, although Alistair Darling was summoned to speak by an increasingly active Speaker.

14 Oct 09 5 Comments

Legg letters: Speaker couldn’t stop the ‘Hutton effect’

Ann Widdecombe was having a bit of a go at the Speaker, John Bercow, yesterday for rolling over and not standing up for MPs’ rights against Sir ThomasLegg. I’m told that Speaker Bercow

03 Sep 09 2 Comments

UKIP leader to challenge Speaker

Nigel Farage’s UKIP got 3 per cent to the Tories’ 57.4 per cent in Buckingham at the last general election but the UKIP MEP and party leader is going to give the seat a try anyway

25 Jun 09 5 Comments

Bercow backers: ‘grammar school boys, gays and Cameron-haters’

If you think all the Tories will quietly move on from the election of the Speaker, forgive and forget, think again. Feverish work has been going on amongst some front and backbenchers compiling a

23 Jun 09 3 Comments

Speaker Bercow’s reforms will start at (second) home

Just back from the splendour of Speaker’s House state rooms where I’ve been interviewing John Bercow. It’s a bit like a doge’s palace in there. Speaker Bercow will be living

22 Jun 09 6 Comments

Bercow elected Speaker: MPs ‘getting it’, or prawn-filled curtains?

For many Labour MPs this was a last chance to get one over on Tories they feel are marching into government – a bit like sewing prawns in the curtains. Margaret Beckett was drafted in as a

After the speeches, the voting for Speaker begins

General mood after the hustings in the chamber is that Sir George Young gave the best speech and may have nosed ahead. Margaret Beckett may be suffering from being seen as the whips’

11 Jun 09 3 Comments

Richard Shepherd joins the Speaker contest – but can he stop Bercow?

Another candidate is about to enter the Speaker’s contest. Tory backbencher Richard Shepherd is throwing his hat in the ring. He is proposing that he should be interim Speaker. He thinks the

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