There was one “boo” from a far-off solo protester as Alex Salmond, David Cameron, Nicola Sturgeon and Michael Moore posed for cameras before heading inside for talks. “I think you should be more specific,” a reporter shouted at the protester.

But with that the quartet was gone.

A Whitehall source tells me officials working on Alex Salmond‘s behalf touted the idea of making today’s signing ceremony a little more flamboyant – a more historic setting, more flags, a whiff of a treaty between two sovereign states.

London dismissed the idea and we are left standing outside this Hitlerian building, St Andrew’s House, for a more low-key summit though I’m sure flags will be present.

Alex Salmond wants Scots to get their heads round Scotland and Rump UK getting along just fine in a mature relationship if independent states and hopes the (mainly) amicable negotiation over the referendum is a template for that.

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