Even for someone who’s proficient in Mandarin, there’s something a little OTT about the former Australian PM’s interest in all things China.

But I think I might have the answer to Kevin Rudd’s speechifying about the future of the world’s emerging super-power. (He’s at it again tonight, incidentally, with another speech on China-America relations.)

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I’m hearing from well-placed sources that a tilt at the United Nations top job may be on the cards for Mr Rudd.

After bowing out from domestic politics, he’s been strutting his stuff as a global statesman.

There are many who doubt he’ll make it. His stewardship of his own Labor party – and his ousting of Julia Gillard – was anything but statesmanlike, his detractors say.

He suffered a bruising defeat at the general election. And then there’s the little local difficulty of the current Australian PM Tony Abbott, who would be required to support a Rudd UN bid.

Mr Abbott said in a recent radio interview: “Do I think that a coalition government is going to rush to find a job for him? No I don’t.”


But for what it’s worth, he may find some backing in the coalition here. He’s well-regarded both by some Conservatives and the opposition, which is quite something.

So does he want the job? I popped the question, and he issued what can only be described as a non-denial denial.

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