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More Weddings and Some Fun for All

After the success of last year’s award-winning My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, a bright spark in C4 Towers has hit upon a brilliant idea for a brand new documentary series: loads more gypsy weddings!

Airing at 9pm on Wednesday nights, and anytime on 4oD, Big Fat Gypsy Weddings offers an insight into an unseen Britain that lives right on our doorstep. Albeit sometimes temporarily.

More big days means only one thing: more incredibly big dresses. It seems that when it comes to a gypsy wedding, smart but casual is not an option… Here on the website we’ve got an interview with dress designer Thelma Madine that’s as exclusive as her fabulous creations.

Visit the site for more exclusive video that offers a closer look at the traveller community: their lifestyle, hopes and aspirations.

Elsewhere this week, grim-faced lawyers have been busy pacing the Channel 4 corridors, anxiously counting down the hours till 10 O’Clock Live hits your TV screens. Jimmy Carr, Lauren Laverne, David Mitchell, Charlie Brooker. A live show about politics. I don’t know what they’re worried about…

If you’re all Twittered and Facebooked up (and if you’re reading this blog you clearly know your way around the internet), we’ve got even more to offer. Follow 10 O’Clock Live on Twitter for news of extra content and to engage with the show.

Alternatively (or as well – in for a virtual penny) get more from the show from its official Facebook page. Here, you can take part in polls, suggest topics for discussion and generally make your own helpful (or otherwise) contributions to the debate.

And there’s more live funny business on Channel 4 this weekend, when Jonathan Ross hosts the biggest night of the year for British comedy – the British Comedy Awards. Visit the website to see all the nominations, and to find out how to vote for your favourite comedian in the People’s Choice award.

In the run-up to the event, which airs at 9pm on Saturday, Bill Bailey tracked down five of the UK’s favourite comedians to ask them who they think most worthy of an award, with amusing results. You can watch these comic choices here on 4oD. In this clip, Lee Mack takes the opportunity to point out to Bill what a great face he has for comedy, rather than, say, gynaecology. Enjoy

2 Responses to “More Weddings and Some Fun for All”

  1. At 10:37 am on January 21, 2011 Mr Aberdeen wrote:

    Remember “That Was The Week That Was”?

    “10 O’Clock Live” could be as good as that. It’s a breath of fresh air, and makes other satirical/current affairs progs look stale and tired.

    Funny, incisive, and just the right mix of heavy and light.

    It’s like garlic bread — it’s the future.

  2. At 8:48 pm on January 26, 2011 Outddor Clothing wrote:

    I watched last night and thought the Gypsy wedding programme was excellent!

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