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Where D’ya Get Them Peepers?

If you like your comedy rib-tickling, toe-curling and near the knuckle, some great news. Peep Show is back! The very odd couple have been reunited, and Series 7 of Mark and Jeremy’s misadventures hits your telly box (smack bang in the gonads, to comic effect) on Friday 26 November.

And it gets even better. If you can’t wait till then, the first episode is available to watch here on the website a whole week before it airs on TV. Justice is done! (Well, not justice, but what we wanted to happen, which – as Jeremy says – is basically the same thing.)

So grab your ergonomic management keyboards and get ready to party. One word of warning, though. If you’re going to watch an online premiere in your dressing gown, you may want to put some pants on…

Here’s a sneak Peep of good things to come, featuring everyone’s favourite drug-addled borderline sociopath, the wonderful Super Hans.

Of course, you can watch previous episodes, indeed entire series, of Peep Show, here and now on 4oD.

And there are some more online exclusives already on the website. Camera in hand, we recently caught up with David Mitchell (Mark), Robert Webb (Jeremy), and Peep Show writers Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong. In a series of video interviews, they spill the beans on gloating sessions, award sniffing and hookers. Among other things…

Here, Robert and Jesse discuss the awful prospect of having to give Jeremy advice, during which Robert reveals a rather disturbing mental image of his onscreen alter-ego…

If all this Peep Show stuff has whetted your comedy appetite, then you might enjoy This Just In, our comedy news site that turns headlines into punchlines.

One recent addition to the site is the Headline Jacker.This brand new app allows you to harness the combined power of the internet and a hugely popular social networking site (can anyone guess which one? Clue: it’s not Friends Reunited) for the best possible purpose – to insult your nearest and dearest.

So is any friend of yours a deluded, workshy waste of space? And is it worth gently pointing this out to them? If so, walk this way. (No, this way…)

This Just In

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