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Fun and Games

A new addition to the web this week is The Curfew, an adventure game written by acclaimed comic book author Kieron Gillen.

Featuring real-life actors, the action takes place in a Britain of the near future, where a totalitarian regime has imposed a strict curfew on the population. Players must navigate a complex political world and work out who to trust in order to gain freedom. Not everyone is who they say they are.

Welcome to the future. It’s all about choice…

And there’s more where that came from, gamers. Grab your joysticks and get ready for some action as we reveal our Privates. This cheeky educational game about combating sexual diseases (literally) is going down on storm on

In this 3D twin-stick shooter, players control a troop of condom-hatted marines as they embark on a series of skirmishes against viruses, bacteria and other nasty things that can inhabit a careless person’s nether regions.

According to the game’s creators, Zombie Cow: ‘Privates boasts five whole levels of bug-busting action across a variety of gorgeous 3D locations, with a fully-voiced comedy script and a nutso soundtrack’.

Nutso indeed. See for yourself…

If you’re wondering about the need for a game like this, then it’s worth watching The Hospital, a Channel 4 documentary about the relationship between teenagers and the NHS, which airs on Mondays at 9pm.

The second series begins with an episode that focuses on the West London Centre for Sexual Health that examines young people’s attitudes to sexually transmitted infections.

Chlamydia is the clinic’s number one diagnosis but it seems that not all the clinic’s patients realise the seriousness of the disease. Michael, for instance, is dismissive: ‘I thought everyone gets it. If you haven’t had it, you’re boring.’

So STDs make people interesting? Blimey…

You can watch this episode on 4oD right now, as well as Episode 2, which reveals a disturbing rise in the amount of young knife attack victims treated by the NHS.

It’s a dangerous world out there. As they say in The Curfew, Keep Safe.

2 Responses to “Fun and Games”

  1. At 10:49 pm on August 2, 2010 Adrien wrote:

    Hi 4 poster,

    I’ ve started over & over again the stage with Saul (the curfew) & all of what I’m able to finish with is a black screen of death while I’m either clicking on toilets, sink or poster in the water closed after my police mate hit the student.

    I don’t think this is normal & I would like to receive help !


  2. At 11:14 pm on January 10, 2011 Stefan Vo wrote:

    Great writing, I have been after something like that 😀

    -Warm Regards

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