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Leaps of Faith

They’ve been everyone’s favourite religious sect since Harrison Ford’s Witness, but what do we really know about the Amish? A new documentary series on Channel 4 aims to find out.

In Amish: World’s Squarest Teenagers, five teenagers leave their closed communities in the US to travel to Britain on an extraordinary cultural exchange. In Sunday’s opening episode, they experience their first dose of culture shock when they hook up with a bunch of urban teens who hail from London.

So, despite those expressions of bewildered horror, they’re tempted? Really? Mind you, they’re up against a powerful force. As the late, great Miami Sound Machine would have it:

There’s no place that you can hide
Oh no, the rhythm is gonna get’cha

If you missed Sunday’s opening episode, you can watch it on 4oD here. The website also has profiles of the teenagers, in-depth articles and a handy glossary of Amish terms. Useful if you don’t know your Rumspringa from your Uffgevva…

More leaps of faith this week on Channel 4, when Cutting Edge follows two of Britain’s most prolific base jumpers in The Men Who Jump Off Buildings.

To misquote another 80s musical icon, Public Enemy, the question is: ‘Base! How low can you go?’ Often, it seems, a little bit too low… With a death rate of one in six participants, base jumping is the world’s most deadly sport.

So what motivates Dan, ironically a roofer by trade, to take the plunge? As he succinctly puts it: ‘Everybody dies. But not everybody lives.’

If you can’t wait until Wednesday evening for a vicarious adrenaline fix, why not check out Daredevils on 4oD right now? This series of visually stunning films follows some of the world’s most extreme individuals, from (very) high slack-line walkers to Teflon-clad wingsuit flyers. If you missed it earlier this year, it’s well worth seeing.

For a quick preview take a look. But don’t look down…

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