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Election Dust and Junior’s Doctors

The votes have been counted. The results have been verified. And we can reveal that the next person to leave No 10 is… Hang on a minute.

Okay, so it’s not all over bar the shouting. In fact, the shouting’s just begun. Here’s a reminder that you can keep up to speed with all the politicians’ twists and U-turns with our Channel 4 News site.

Get breaking election stories here – and keep up-to-date with the latest opinion on our blogs. And if you’re fed-up with listening to politicians why not try making some tricky decisions of your own with our Chop or Not game?

As any parent knows, tricky decisions are part of everyday life when you’re looking after children. But the Embarrassing Bodies doctors are on hand to help.

In an essential aid for hard-pressed mums and dads, the Embarrassing Bodies: Kids website offers a straight-talking approach to children’s health. Use the Lifestyle Checker to find out how daily life could be impacting on their future health, or find out how your child is progressing with Dr Dawn’s Milestones application.

And, of course, the site is brimming with exclusive video. Dr Christian explains what parents should and shouldn’t be worried about when it comes to their children’s health, and there are detailed guides of a variety of surgical procedures and tests.

This example guide explains the checks that are carried out after the birth of a newborn. As for me, I’m going to sleep off that election.

Until next time…

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