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A wild internet rumour predicts an imminent UK general election. Without wishing to give the oxygen of publicity to such tittle-tattle, I can confirm Channel 4 will be hosting an Alternative Election Night this week, presented by David Mitchell, Jimmy Carr and Charlie Brooker. Over to them…

Log on to at 9pm on Thursday evening and you’ll be able to join in the Alternative Election Live. We’ll be following key stories and asking for your opinions as the results unfold. Sadly, even I may be dragged kicking and screaming from my 4Poster bed to tweet behind-the-scenes from the TV studio.

Meanwhile, if you’re in any doubt over the different policies on offer, take comfort in this: you’re not the only one. A survey conducted by YouGuv for Dispatches reveals that most people can’t tell the difference between the main parties’ manifestos.

Intriguingly, when survey respondents were asked to reveal their feelings about British politicians today, 35% were angry, 31% were indifferent, 33% disgusted, and 27% were bored. As far as I can tell, that means we’re 126% dissatisfied with our current crop of MPs…

Of course, with a budget deficit of over £150bn, whoever eventually gets into power will soon be even more unpopular. Spending cuts will be the order of the day – but what would you choose to chop, and what would you choose to keep? If you think you could do better than the politicians, try wielding your own hatchet in our new Chop or Not budget game.

Finally, there are always some people who try to circumvent the democratic process by violent means. And if they’re not suitable targets for comedy, I don’t know who is.

The day after the general election sees the general release of Chris Morris’ brilliant new jihadist comedy, Four Lions. (See previous Film4 and Four Lions post.) To celebrate, Film4 have built a splendid minisite for the film.

As well as watching extracts from the film and video interviews with cast members such as Kayvan Novak (aka Facejacker), you can win exclusive Four Lions goodies, including an upside-down clown costume worn in the film, a poster signed by Chris Morris and a signed Nathan Barley DVD.

To whet your appetite before Friday, here’s some exclusive set footage from the controversial comedy. This particular out-take didn’t make the final cut. Doesn’t mean it’s not funny, though!

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