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Face-Offs and Bombshells

Hold on to your red bobble hats – Fonejacker is back. Except he’s now Facejacker. The inimitable Kayvan Novak has swapped his mobile phone for a bucketload of prosthetic gel, and has taken to the streets as the charasmatic Terry Tibbs, the persuasive Augustus Kwembe and the irritating Dufrais.

In this exclusive interview for the website, Kayvan spills the beans on the perils of being pegged when pranking.

Facejacker goes out on Channel 4 on Friday nights. Of course, you can watch both Facejacker and Fonejacker here on the website at any time for free. Just send us your bank details and your pin number, and we’ll log you in immediately…

Also back on C4 is The World’s… And Me. In this third series, Mark Dolan meets more odd folk around the globe, including a man who really, really wants to be a cat… Monday’s show introduces some of the world’s ‘most identical’ twins, including psychic sisters Terry and Linda.

In this web exclusive, Linda reveals that Mark was a druid in the 7th century, a prostitute in the 13th century, a magician in Egypt and a shaman in Brazil. Proof of his busy previous existence is provided when Terry (or is it in fact Linda? It really is hard to tell…) chimes in with ‘I’m getting that too!’ Further evidence, if it were needed, is supplied when Mark reveals that he has, indeed, visited Brazil…

Another brand new programme starts this Monday, featuring more online exclusives. In Blitz Street, Tony Robinson explores what it was like to live through the Blitz by subjecting a specially constructed street to explosions similar to those inflicted by the Luftwaffe.

The website features interactive maps, fascinating eye-witness accounts and, of course, lots of exclusive video of the production team blowing stuff up. As a taster, check out this video clip, where Tony replaces the horns of Jericho with some TNT to make those walls come tumbling down….

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