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Small Children, Big Issues

This week’s Dispatches focuses on the lives of three children living in Gaza following the Israeli Defence Forces’ 22-day campaign against Hamas in 2008. As this clip indicates, one thing that manages to flourish in this arid, densely populated strip of land is the seed of hate…

With well over 300, and counting, comments from users, reaction to the programme is gathering pace on the website. If you missed it, you can watch the whole of Dispatches: Children of Gaza here on 4oD. And the site carries an exclusive interview with the filmmaker, BAFTA-winning Jezza Neumann.

Closer to home, Tuesday saw the last in the current series of Jo Frost: Extreme Parental Guidance. In this programme, Jo Frost offers some no-nonsense advice to parents with wayward offspring such as six-year-old Paige – who provides a case of tears before, during and after bedtime…

For those of you who are struggling to cope with your own badly behaved brood, Jo is currently looking for willing volunteers to take part in the next series.

If you’ve not been put off procreation for life (for life), prospective parents should also pay a visit to Life Begins, the online dimension of One Born Every Minute, which also airs Tuesdays on Channel 4. Recent features include a Facebook application called I Think, You Think. This aims to uncover differences in opinion about birth – before it’s too late…

Finally, a light-hearted reminder that childhood is not always an endless stream of boredom, pain, misery and fear. At least, not for the children…

The Law of the Playground takes an entertaining look back on the ‘best days of our lives’, and you can catch Series 2 on 4oD. In the meantime, check out this clip where celebrities reminisce about their – generally unsuccessful – attempts to cheat during school exams. Enjoy!

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