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Who Knew and Who Knows?

With a general election lurking somewhere round the corner, this week’s Dispatches focuses on the Conservative party leader. Presenter Andrew Rawnsley puts David Cameron under the spotlight, and asks if voters are ready to elect a Tory prime minister after the party’s 13 years in the wilderness. Will, for instance, Cameron’s well-documented privileged background count against him? As you might expect, opinions differ on this point…

You can watch the entire programme here on 4oD. Of course, some of this ground has been covered already in When Boris Met Dave, which explores a young David Cameron’s encounters with Boris Johnston at Eton and Oxford. This entertaining exploration of the shared past of the two most powerful Conservative politicians in Britain is also available on 4oD.

The When Boris Met Dave site also features exclusive video interviews that didn’t feature in the programme, which are often amusing and always enlightening. In this example, author Nick Fraser offers an unusual take on the ramifications of being an old Etonian in the current political climate…

Finally, everyone knows that in life in general – and political life in particular – it’s not what you know it’s who you know… To help build up a picture of Britain’s network of power, Channel 4 News has launched a new website, Who Knows Who.

This site aims to show where power really lies in modern Britain by mapping the connections between the great and the good. What links doughnuts, billions and The Priory? How are former ambassadors cashing in on their diplomatic roles? Visit the site to find out, and suggest a story or connection yourself.

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