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Wedded Bliss and Star-Crossed Lovers

Hold on to your top hats, it’s My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding! This Cutting Edge documentary follows four Gypsy and Traveller brides as they plan their big day – and don their incredibly big dresses. The programme aired on Thursday on Channel 4, but you can watch it right now on 4oD.

If that clip has somehow inspired you to rush out and tie the knot, here’s a note of caution: some statistics indicate that not all weddings end up happily ever after… Earlier this week, Dr Pamela Connolly (otherwise known as Pamela Stephenson) put Heather Mills on the couch, figuratively speaking, in Shrink Rap.

Although her extremely public divorce was off limits for legal reasons, this was a unique insight into a much maligned public figure. In this clip, for instance, Heather describes how she lost her left leg in a life-changing accident.

You can watch the whole interview on 4oD, where you can also catch up with previous Shrink Rap guests, including Salman Rushdie, Stephen Fry, Tony Curtis and Pamela’s own celebrity partner, Billy Connolly.

A-list celebs are referred to by first name alone, and celebrated as much for their messy break-ups as they are for their starry couplings. Heather may not be able to discuss her stormy relationship with Sir Paul, but the infamous Star Stories has no such qualms.

Alongside such ill-fated fusions as Brad & Jen, Madge & Guy and Pete & Katie – this wicked spoof documentary series has shone its peculiarly jaundiced spotlight on Heather & Paul. Here’s a nugget from the offending article. Enjoy!

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