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Parental Guidance Recommended

Children are, quite literally, the issue in today’s blog. Tuesday saw the launch of One Born Every Minute, a groundbreaking documentary series on Channel 4 capturing the daily drama of new life arriving on a busy maternity ward.

To accompany the series, we’ve delivered our own new arrival – the Life Begins website. The site is packed to the gills with intimate video footage and personal testimonial that gives a unique, no-agenda insight into what it’s really like to give birth in a hospital environment.

Alternatively, for a less sensitive approach to the subject, you could enjoy some ill-considered ramblings about motherhood from the world’s worst father in this week’s episode of Shameless – which also airs on Channel 4 on Tuesdays. Sample wisdom: ‘One baby comes into the world and another brain departs.’

Find out all you ever wanted to know about Mimi Maguire with our exclusive interview with actress Tina Malone. And remember, you can catch up any time with any episode of any of the seven previous series of Shameless on 4oD, right here.

Of course, parents don’t have a monopoly on misbehaviour; some children have also been known to play up from time to time. If you’re a parent struggling to cope with your own bundles of joy, you might be relieved to know that Supernanny herself, Jo Frost, is back on our TV screens with a brand new series Jo Frost: Extreme Parental Guidance.

Finally, as the proud (albeit sleep-deprived) father of a 7-week-old girl, I have to declare a special interest in the subject of today’s blog. Here, for the non-squeamish among you, is the living proof, as featured recently in The Guardian weekend picture section…

WARNING NOTE: this particular family photo features the arrival of an infant into the world via caesarean section. Click here to see the photo.

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