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A Richness of Embarrassment

Embarrassing Bodies is back. The first programme of the new series tackling medical conditions that cause red faces – and various other discoloured bits and bobs – aired last week on Channel 4. This show featured the usual heady mix of awkward ailments and uncommon complaints, from excessive flatulence to a severely bent penis, and you can watch it now on 4oD.

In a groundbreaking move, tomorrow’s programme will be followed immediately by a live switchover show on the website. In this interactive exclusive, the Embarrassing Bodies doctors hand over control to the online audience. During the live show users vote for the medical questions they’d like answered and the photos they’d like the doctors to discuss. You can even vote on Twitter – how very modern!

According to Channel 4 cross-platform commissioner Adam Gee:

‘We wanted to push the boundaries of what’s possible with interactivity around television and make it personalised…If it could be done on a digital TV channel or a radio phone-in then it’s not for this show.’

To explain further, who better than Dr Christian himself?

As Christian suggests, you can start uploading your pictures and questions here.

The Embarrassing Bodies website is already one of our most popular destinations, with over 4 million visitors so far watching over 5 million videos, including ones that demonstrate how to check for conditions such as breast, testicular and skin cancer. Lots of websites like to describe themselves as essential, but this is one that could actually save your life…

Of course, if it’s embarrassing doctors that you’re after, here’s a reminder that the weird and wonderful Green Wing is always an option. This distinctly odd hospital comedy is available to watch in full on 4oD.

Enjoy a slice of sick humour with this clip of Dr Statham and Joanna indulging in a spot of sexy ping pong. Well, when I say sexy…

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