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January 21, 2015 34 Comments

Does Dave King deserve a second chance at Rangers?

So is he the Messiah? God alone knows. But he most definitely has been a very naughty boy – and when it comes to Rangers FC then Monty Python is as good a frame of reference as anything else these days.

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January 18, 2015 13 Comments

Don’t use the N-word or ‘faggots’ but ‘retards’ is fine

First off let me preface this by declaring an interest – I am the father of an autistic boy. Last night I was ringside for a performance of “Bull” at London’s Young Vic

January 5, 2015 1 Comment

Run aground in the Solent: how to rescue an ailing giant?

A human disaster must not become an environmental one, as recovery teams ponder the delicate removal of a giant cargo ship stranded on a sandbank near the Isle of Wight.

January 4, 2015 9 Comments

Oyston comments highlight society’s attitude to disability prejudice

In losing his rag in a text-row with a fan, Karl Oyston has inadvertently done us all a favour in highlighting a form of prejudice which is abhorrent – but really rather common tolerated.

January 1, 2015 1 Comment

Egypt now recognises that its prosecution of journalists was flawed

Egypt’s court system finally recognises that the trial of three Al Jazeera journalists was flawed. The men are in a better place than they were yesterday.

December 29, 2014 2 Comments

Keeping jailed journalists in the public eye with gaffer tape

Three Al Jazeera journalists including one Briton have been in prison for a year today. As the world seems to get ever more dangerous for journalists, there are hopes of an appeal in the

December 24, 2014 4 Comments

After plane crash, pressure grows for ground troops to be used against IS

Expect Gen Dempsey and many other voices to grow louder in the coming weeks that more must be done with ground forces if IS is to be dislodged.

December 15, 2014 3 Comments

It is not ‘enhanced interrogation’. It is torture

Most people don’t know what “rendition” means – but they do understand the word kidnapping. The same applies for “enhanced interrogation”. Such words convey a

December 10, 2014 3 Comments

On the tail of the ‘weather bomb’ battering Scotland

On the point just outside Oban a freelance cameraman joins us as we watch the bright red, Norwegian-flagged fishing vessel nose out gently from Oban harbour.

December 2, 2014 2 Comments

Afghans fear history will be repeated as western involvement ends

Across swathes of Afghanistan, many Afghans already know the game is over – and what law and order they may enjoy is at the dispensation of the armed insurgent warlords.

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